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Ghost Driver

Attack of the Zoooombies!

We have all seen them driving around…

What is a Zoooombie?

We have all seen them – driving around – oblivious to other people and cars… often on a phone, singing to the radio or just half asleep.

The cars are in auto pilot – and the most scary part – they don’t have auto pilot!

The more you look around – the more you realise – we are surrounded by Zoooombies!

What can you do to stay safe?

  • Give them space, don’t follow to closely and only overtake if it is safe to do so.
  • Make sure you are paying attention – they could be sneaking up behind you – check your mirrors often!
  • Expect the unexpected – Zoooombies dont know how to use an indicator and often can pull out of a side street without looking.

Don’t become a Zoooombie and do a PDA Defensive Driving Course – it will help you understand your car, your driving and other drivers so that you can get around safely….. until self driving cars take over at least!