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Do I need to do a 4WD Course

Do I need to do a 4WD Course?

Of course not – if you are an experienced, competent four wheel driver you probably don’t need training.

Here is a list of things you should know as an experienced 4WD operator –

How to check and setup your 4WD for off road driving

Understanding the way your 4WD system works in low range, high range including diff locks and electronic driving aids

You can negotiate a wide range of terrain safely including sand, mud, rocks, ruts, steep inclines and declines and a mixture of all of them at once!

You can complete technical 4WD tracks without damaging your vehicle

Your passengers feel safe and can even help out when needed

Recovery using a wide range of equipment is done safely without putting equipment or people at risk

You have a good time and get from A to B safely without incident

If you don’t tick all those items maybe a 4WD course could help!

At Performance Driving Australia we think you can always learn more and practice doesn’t make perfect – but it does make you better!

We invite all four wheel drivers to attend our programs regardless of experience as we often can learn together and make driving off road a safe and fun experience for everyone.

See you in the bush!

More information on 4WD courses can be found here – 4WD Courses