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Driving for the Camera

Have you ever watched a television commercial and wondered how they get those spectacular shots?

Well here at Performance Driving Australia we help the television, film and movie world get just what they need.

Our team of professional and highly skilled drivers are often behind the wheel of the cars in these shots.

Working with different manufacturers and media organisations has allowed Performance Driving Australia to gain a wide variety of experience in precision driving for TV.

Our team have worked in various filming locations and have experience driving a wide variety of vehicles both on road, off road and on tracks.

The ability to deliver a team of drivers is one of the key advantages of selecting Performance Driving Australia for your next media shoot. Anything up to 15 drivers can easily be provided for shoots when required.

Our team are passionate about driving, will look after your vehicles and strive to deliver exactly what you want in the shortest amount time.

Performance Driving Australia also have extensive event experience and can assist with road closures, support vehicles, safety team, transport and even maintenance and repairs.

Focusing on delivering you the shots you want with the least amount of fuss and the most amount of professionalism allows you to focus on your job while knowing the vehicles and crew are safe.

Contact Mark and the team at Performance Driving Australia to discuss your next media project.