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Im a good driver – I drive race cars!

How often do you hear this phrase? Who is the average driver? Where are the below average drivers?

The reality is when questioned – more then 90% of drivers think they are well above average – that includes the race car drivers out there!

We all know this can’t be true. So, what makes a good driver? How do we measure good or bad driving and most importantly – are we one of the bad ones?

At Performance Driving Australia we run corporate Defensive Driving programs that encourage drivers to gain knowledge and skills to help them become better and safer drivers on the road.

In the motorsport world it is common to spend a lot of time practising. We go and ‘test’ the car, analyse our driving and constantly battle to do better. We make tiny adjustments to the car, our driving style and work hard to focus on every input we put into the controls.

How often do we really brush up our ‘on road’ skills?

On the public road we are faced with many challenges. A variety of vehicles, different driver ability and complex road systems that require a firm understanding of road rules.

The consequences of an incident on our roads can be devastating. You don’t have a roll cage, helmet and immediate medical response teams and more importantly you most likely have family members on board with you.

Negotiating our roads safely is not a simple task. City or country driving we are faced with many variables and our drivers licence really only gave us the basic skills – how to indicate, park and safely drive around the block often at nothing over 60kmh.

Performance Driving Australia have been delivering training for many years. Recently AASA have come on board as a partner providing support of our programs being run Australia wide.

All Performance Driving Australia programs provide real hands on experiences and essential knowledge to keep drivers safe. The programs are fun, safe and educational.

Even though you may race, rally, drift or compete in a variety of motorsport you might be surprised how much you can still gain from attending a program run by our passionate and experienced team.

Every driver can benefit from training – no matter what your experience level is.

We encourage you to step back and analyze your own driving. Do you drive fast, too slow, when tired, are you easily distracted? Are you impatient and easily irritated by other drivers?

When was the last time you tested yourself in your family car – can you do an emergency stop? Can you do an emergency lane change? Do you understand the safety features in your modern car.

As motorsport enthusiasts we understand you have a passion for driving and cars and although you have no doubt gained many valuable skills and experiences behind the wheel it is always beneficial to back them up with some training to cover you on public roads.

We invite you to check out our webpage or contact us to see how we can help you get from home to the track and back even more safely!