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How to adjust your car mirrors

How to Adjust your Car Mirrors

If you are sharing your car with other drivers, you are used to shuffling the car seat and adjusting the mirrors to get them back to where you like them, but are you placing your mirrors in the best possible position for maximum vision?

Let’s break down the steps.

Step One – Interior rear-view mirror

Sit in the driver’s seat in your driving position. We outline the perfect seat placement here.

With the interior rear-view mirror, you want to adjust it so that you can see the entire back windscreen without needing to move your body.

Step Two – Exterior sideview mirrors

Locate the lever that adjusts the sideview mirrors. This is usually located on the drivers arm rest or to the side of the steering wheel.

Sitting comfortably in your seat you want to adjust the drivers side mirror first.

a) When adjusting the mirror up and down you want the horizon to sit approximately ½ way in the mirror’s reflection.

b) When adjusting the mirror left and right you want to see just a sliver of your car and the rest should be the road behind you.

In an older car you might need to adjust the mirrors manually. Adjust the driver’s seat first and remember to always sit back into the seat to check that you have it in the correct position. The passenger side is always the hardest as you have to get in and out of your seat – this is always easier to adjust with a passenger in the car who can move it for you.

Pro tip – Mirrors are not a set and forget activity. It’s a good habit to check your mirror placements every time you jump into the driver’s seat.