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Horse Thief

How to play Horse Thief

Ever been on a road trip and found yourself bored of podcasts and you keep selecting terrible Spotify playlists?

Maybe it is time for a quick game of Horse Thief!

What amazed us at Performance Driving Australia was that we couldn’t find any official rules for this highly addictive game.

We have decided to explain this complex game that you can play with as many passengers as you can fit in your car (legally of course).

This game could be related to “Spotto” but is much more fun and probably more pointless (which in our opinion is the major attraction).

In summary, the two rules are as follows.

  1. If you see a HORSE – you get a point.
  2. If you see a HORSE float – you yell “HORSE Thief” and now you have all the other players points.

To make it more fun – It doesn’t have to be an actual HORSE – it can be a picture of a Horse or the word Horse on a sign (ie – horsepower).

As you can tell – the lead changes every time someone sees a horse or horse float – well at least it probably should but its way to hard to keep tally of the points and the game is more about making up the rules as you go.

We will suggest that your primary function is to drive the car (if you are behind the wheel) so this game is best left to the passengers however the driver may occasionally be able to spot a Horse Thief by paying attention to the road and sneak in and steal everyone’s horses.

The idea behind these games is to keep your passengers entertained and as a bonus they are looking out and may spot other road hazards that could assist the driver.

If you get bored of this game we suggest returning to your podcasts!

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