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pink noise

What is ‘Pink Noise’

Did you know that a vehicle manufacturer has implemented a system that plays ‘Pink Noise’ to help drivers who are in a crash?

When a car crashes the decibel level can easily reach 145 – which is enough to damage the human ear. That doesn’t include the sound of the airbags inflating at around 165 decibels.

A car manufacture has found that by playing ‘pink noise’ at around 80 decibels can help vehicle occupants in a car crash. This signal will cause a reflex in your ear to activate, protecting the eardrum and reducing the damage loud noises produced by the crash can cause to your hearing.

The Mercedes Benz PRE-SAFE® Sound protects hearing by triggering the stapedius reflex. This reflex causes the stapedius muscle to contract, weakening the connection between the ear drum and the inner ear for a split second. In essence, this causes some sound pressure to be reflected in the ear drum rather than transmitted all the way through to the inner ear. This helps mitigate hearing damage caused by high acoustic pressure or loud noises.

This system has been available for more then 5 years now on a range of Merecedes passenger vehicles and is a great demonstration of passive technology that can help when a driver is in an unfavourable situation.

Other pre-crash technology that can be found in many vehicles includes pre-tensioning seat belts, automatic window control (windows go up if a roll over is detected), adjust head rests and passenger seat and can even close the sunroof!

When buying a modern car it is important to find out what safety systems are included or available. No one plans to crash but knowing your car is doing its best to help minimise the injuries you may sustain is a great piece of mind.