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Strategies for creating safer drivers

Creating safer drivers is a key objective of Performance Driving Australia.

Driving is a skill that we often take for granted – yet is one of the most complex tasks we undertake on a regular basis.

Many lives are lost and others seriously impacted by motor vehicle related crashes.

Drivers of company vehicles often spend a lot of time on the road, travel long distances or deal with high congestion in city areas. Some drivers are tasked with operating off road or on gravel roads.

When commercial pressure is added to a high risk activity like driving there is increased chances of an incident.

Having a safe driving strategy could help reduce the frequency and severity of work related driving incidents.

A safe driving strategy comprises many components designed to create awareness, knowledge and skills to keep a driver safe in a variety of environments.

Performance Driving Australia can help you prepare a Safe Driving Strategy to keep you and your team safe and compliant with all relative regulations.

As part of your Safe Driving Strategy you could consider some of these programs –

Defensive Driver Training

4WD Training

On Road Assessments and Coaching

Trailer Towing