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Road Crashes occur far too often in Australia

Creating Safer Drivers

Creating Safer Drivers – Motor vehicle crashes continue to be the highest cause of serious injury and fatalities in the workplace.

Over 3000 fatalities were recorded in company vehicles in Australia in the last 10 years.

Providing a safe work environment should be a high priority for any employer. Vehicles are considered a workplace and drivers must be provided with adequate training in the vehicles that they operate as part of their employment.

Performance Driving Australia (PDA) design and deliver driving programs for a wide range of industries and government departments. Driving programs improve the knowledge and skills of drivers both on and off road so that they can perform in a range of environments safely.

Our experience, friendly training team and unique training style has made Performance Driving Australia the preferred training provider to many government departments, large companies and the mining industry both in Australia and overseas.

A range of driving programs along with custom programs for specific situations will give your drivers the best knowledge and skills to safely operate a motor vehicle at work and outside of work.

If you have a team on the road it is your duty of care to provide adequate training, procedures and equipment to keep them safe.

Getting everyone home safely is our key objective at PDA. Give us a call or visit our webpage at to find out how we can assist you.