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Security Detail Driving Tips

Ever watched a movie and you see a convoy of cars escorting a ‘principal’ from A to B.

Driving remains one of the highest risk activities for VIP’s and precious cargo but is often an essential requirement that often can not be avoided.

Depending on the level of security required the operation can involve any number of vehicles, observers and even air support.

A security detail have many key objectives that include –

  • Protection from other road users
  • Providing a smooth and comfortable journey
  • Avoiding unnecessary stops
  • Avoiding ‘choke’ points
  • Identifying potential threats and managing them

Extensive training is required for all team members involved in these operations.

Performance Driving Australia can assist with tactical driver training and even provide drivers for special events.

VIP Driver training typically starts with the basics of Defensive Driver Training and then expands into more Advanced Driving techniques. Having a high level of competency in vehicle control is essential to the safety of these operations.

In addition to practical training it is very much a team effort so clear planning and effective use of all available resources form a major part in achieving the highest level of safety and security.

Our team have experience in these operations in both Australia and overseas and can provide basic training or more advanced programs for clients that require high levels of competence.

When ever you are behind the wheel you can be your own VIP by adopting some of these tips –

  • Never tailgate or follow other vehicles too closely
  • Allow room when stopping at intersections so that you have an escape route
  • Scan for hazards both on the road and adjacent to the road
  • Control vehicle speed to avoid unnecessary stops at red lights and give way junctions
  • Sit in the vehicle correctly and apply defensive driving strategies
  • Keep your windows and mirrors clean and adjusted to avoid blindspots
  • Always keep your vehicle in a high standard of service (tyres, brakes, clean windscreen etc)

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