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Tailgating proven to get you places faster!

You wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t read it right here but its true – tailgating gets you to places faster!

The only real issue is some of these places probably aren’t what you expect.

Tailgating can get you to a crash faster. You will be unable to see ahead and arrive in a spectacular fashion often without even braking to join in.

Tailgating can get you to the windscreen shop – because if you do it enough you will get scattered with loose stones and so eventually you will need a new windscreen – not that you seem to pay much attention to what’s happening out the front anyway.

If you follow too closely you could also run over things on the road, hit pot holes or even just crash into the car in front when they need to brake for a hazard.

The real question is why do people tailgate?

We often see drivers following closely who have no intention of overtaking or passing and those that do usually just speed up to tailgate the next car in the line.
Do they really get to the destination any quicker?
I think we all know that it makes no difference and is a lot of risk for very little (in fact most likely no) reward.

So next time you feel like getting close to someone – take them to dinner – don’t try and rear end them while driving on the highway!