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Traffic Offender Programs

We are often asked about programs for traffic offenders.

If you have been caught speeding, drink driving or reckless driving you are often encouraged to complete a program to assist in your case when it comes court time.

Alternatively drivers are required to complete a program as part of the process to having a licence re-instated.

All drivers can benefit from either completing a Defensive Driving Program or even an Online Defensive Driving Course so it is well worth considering these options as they will assist you in becoming safer, more knowledgeable and perhaps demonstrate to the authorities that you are proactive towards become a safer road user.

Prevention is always better then a cure however we understand that people make mistakes and we want to help drivers become more responsible and safer.

Contact us for information on our available programs and/or do the online course and we hope that you can be back on the road soon with the knowledge and skills to keep you safe and out of trouble.