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What are the rules for Roundabouts?

What are the rules for Roundabouts?

What are the rules for Roundabouts?

When we ask this question in our defensive driving courses it always leads to very long conversations and often heated ones!

If you have driven around the Arc de Triomphe then our roundabouts in Australia will be easy to navigate. Let’s look at what the rules are.

Who has right of way on a roundabout?

You must give way to all vehicles already on the roundabout. This could be a vehicle to your left or right.

When should you indicate on a roundabout?

Turning Left

  • Approach in the left lane
  • Signal left as you approach the roundabout
  • Continue to signal left until you exit the roundabout

Going Straight

  • You can approach the roundabout without signalling
  • Signal left as you exit the roundabout

Turning Right

  • Approach the roundabout in the right lane
  • Signal right as you approach the roundabout and continue to signal right until you’re ready to exit Signal left before you exit the roundabout

Which lane should you use in a multilane roundabout?

Follow the lane arrows.

  • turn left, use the left lane
  • turn right, use the right lane
  • go straight ahead, use either lane

Who is at fault in an accident on a roundabout?


Biggest roundabout in Australia – Britannia Roundabout in Adelaide. It has 3 lanes and 5 road exits

Australian city with the most roundabouts – Canberra has 406 roundabouts!

The first roundabout in Australia – was in Melbourne in 1951

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