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Winter tips to keep your car happy

Its that time again that your windows are frosted up and the heater doesn’t seem to work quick enough!

Driving in winter does present some different conditions after what has been a mostly hot start to the year. Here are some tips to keep your car happy during the colder months.

Tyres – If you think you need some soon – NOW is the time to change them. Having maximum tread depth allows water to escape easier when driving in rain or puddles. Tyres that are worn are dangerous and may aquaplane (slip dangerously) on wet roads.

Windows – Good time to clean both inside and out. Don’t ignore the inside windows as they often are neglected. If you are in a really cold climate pop some metho (maybe half a cup per liter) in your washer bottle as it will stop the water from freezing.

Wipers – If you are expecting snow or frost – pull them off the windscreen over night. This stops them from getting stuck to the window.

Fuel – Keep your tanks full if possible. The colder weather leads to more condensation in fuel tanks that can contaminate fuel in worst cases.

Parking – Park under cover if possible to keep the car warmer and if possible facing the sunrise to help clear windscreens.