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Advanced Driving

Advanced Driving or Advanced Driver Training is often used to describe any training that is delivered to a driver who has a drivers licence.

At Performance Driving Australia, advanced driver training commences with basic vehicle handling and defensive driving. Once drivers have these essential skills and knowledge they can move into more advanced training including operational driving, off road driving, tactical driving, stunt driving or even motorsport.

Advanced driver training provides drivers with the experience and knowledge to safely manage a vehicle in extreme conditions or scenarios.

There are many variables to be considered when creating and delivering an advanced driver training course and it is important to consult with your training provider to make sure you are getting the advanced driving skills that you require.

Contact us to discuss your specific advanced driver training requirements so that we can provide a quote and content for you to review.

Advanced driving courses often run for multiple days/sessions and can be delivered at our sites or on-site (if you have a suitable area).

If you have a requirement for advanced driver training – give us a call. We would love to discuss your requirements in more detail.

A sample of our most common Advanced Driving programs include –

Country Driving Programs – Learn about how you and your vehicle respond at country road speeds. Training can include gravel roads, highway speed driving manoeuvres and trip planning. These programs are suited to drivers operating in regional Australia. This training is usually an addition to our standard Defensive Driving program.

Operational Driving (High Speed) – Suited to drivers who can operate under lights and sirens or who operate in high risk environments. Training can include surveillance and covert operations. Our training team includes several ex-Police driver trainers who can provide training with a wealth of experience behind them along with a training team that have worked in a number of high risk environments both in Australia and overseas.

Tactical Driving (Security/Executive Protection) – Theory and practical programs to keep you and your client/principal safe. This program is usually combined with operational driving above but with a more specific objective to protect an asset or principal. Training can include extensive theory on planning and strategies.

Motorsport Coaching – Learn the techniques used to maximise performance to get results. PDA engages a number of ex-Australian Champions who have had success in a variety of motorsport disciplines.

TV and Production Driving – Drivers for film and TV. We can train or provide drivers for your production. Experienced and professional drivers who can perform precisely and consistently as required.

Many of our team have extensive experience in competitive driving (motorsport) right up to and including World Championship events.

Several of our trainers have worked in or with government agencies and law enforcement in Australia and overseas.

Our team will provide you and your drivers with an edge when it comes to high risk or high performance driving operations.

Contact us to find out how we can assist your team with a custom designed program.

Looking to become the next F1 or WRC champion?

Performance Driving Australia own and operate a Simworx V2 Full Motion simulator that is available for race driver coaching and training. Based 25mins from Launceston the simulator provides an inexpensive way to learn tracks and race craft.

The system includes full motion, triple screens, direct drive steering, albins shifter, race dash and real race seat/belts.

Coaching is provided. Contact us to find out more.

PDA Simworx V2 Motion Simulator

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