Side by Side (SSUV) and ATV Training

Discover the rising popularity of Side by Side Utility Vehicles (SSUV) in work environments where conventional 4WD vehicles face accessibility challenges.

SSUVs offer numerous advantages, including enhanced agility, superior traction on slippery and rocky surfaces, and improved visibility from the seating position.

Their lightweight design also makes recovery easier in the event of getting bogged or stuck.

Ideal for various industries such as agriculture, mining, and businesses operating in rural environments like wind farms, pipelines, and tourism, SSUVs, and ATVs play a crucial role.

If your workforce operates SSUVs or ATVs, it is your responsibility to comply with Work Health and Safety Regulations.

This involves providing proper training, ensuring equipment safety, and implementing sound procedures.

At Performance Driving Australia, we provide adaptable training solutions tailored to your specific vehicles, terrain, and driver experience.

Our standard assessment tool addresses key safety considerations for operating these vehicles, and our practical training is customised to meet your unique requirements.

Beyond training, we offer assistance in formulating safety recommendations, procedures, policies, and on-site equipment audits.

Take the proactive step towards safety and compliance—contact us today to explore how Performance Driving Australia can meet your training needs, anywhere in Australia!

If you also operate 4WD’s why not check out our 4WD course. We can also combine training for both SSUV and 4WD’s at the same time. Can also include Trailer Towing for an even more complete program.

Contact us today and get your wheels turning!

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