On Site Road Safety and Fleet Audit

Is it time to reassess and enhance your driving policies and procedures? Are your fleet vehicles regularly audited? Do you have the most up-to-date license information for your drivers?

At Performance Driving Australia, we understand the critical importance of maintaining safety and compliance with work health and safety legislation for your team.

Tailored for both small and large organisations, our comprehensive range of services aims to identify and manage potential risks effectively.

Our key services encompass:

  1. Vehicle/Fleet Selection and Audit:
    • Evaluate the suitability of your vehicles and conduct thorough fleet audits.
  2. Aftermarket Equipment List and Recommendations:
    • Provide recommendations for aftermarket equipment to enhance vehicle safety.
  3. Driver License Checks and Records:
    • Ensure your drivers have up-to-date and valid licenses through regular checks and meticulous record-keeping.
  4. Verification of Competencies:
    • Establish and validate the existing experience of your drivers through our Verification of Competency (VOC) assessments.
  5. Identifying Training Needs:
    • Identify specific training requirements to enhance the skill set of your drivers.
  6. Reviewing Company Driving Policy and Procedures:
    • Assess and refine your company’s driving policies and procedures to align with best practices.
  7. Reviewing and Assisting with Incidents:
    • Analyse past incidents, review procedures, and provide constructive suggestions to enhance the safety and efficiency of your team on the road.
  8. Creating an Overall Strategy for Safe Driving in Your Workplace:
    • Develop a comprehensive strategy to promote safe driving practices throughout your organisation.

With our extensive experience in road safety and training, we offer valuable insights into the status of your fleet and drivers. Our team goes beyond training, delving into the review of historical incidents and procedures, providing feedback, and suggesting improvements for the overall safety of your operation.

We understand that training alone may not be sufficient without robust systems and procedures in place.

Let Performance Driving Australia be your partner in cultivating a safe and efficient driving culture within your workplace. Contact us today for a thorough assessment and actionable recommendations that elevate the safety standards of your fleet and team on the road.

Contact us today and get your wheels turning!

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