Trailer Towing Courses

Discover worry-free towing with Performance Driving Australia!

Whether you’re towing a trailer for work, a caravan for holidays, or transporting horses on the weekend, we’ve got you covered. Our Trailer Towing Courses cater to both small and large trailers, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills to tow safely and confidently.

Our experienced team of trainers, all well-versed in the art of towing, will share valuable insights, tips, and techniques to make your journey stress-free and comfortable. Join our Defensive Driving course with a trailer to understand how your vehicle responds in emergencies with a trailer attached.

Learning to tow a trailer is a skill that can be acquired quickly, but mastering it takes time. Our programs are designed to provide the right information and techniques, guiding you toward safe towing practices. Available Australia-wide for small or large groups, our Trailer Towing Courses cover comprehensive content, including pre-start safety checks, hitching, reversing, emergency braking, and collision avoidance (when possible).

Course Highlights:

  • Pre-trip safety checks
  • Identifying weight limits and compliance
  • Loading and weight distribution
  • Hitching the trailer
  • Checks before moving off
  • Driving techniques (driver position, use of mirrors, cornering)
  • Braking with a trailer
  • Electric brake operation (if fitted)
  • Tyre blowout procedure
  • Overtaking with a trailer
  • Trailer sway (why and how to manage)
  • Reversing and parking practice
  • Unhitching and securing a parked trailer
  • Post-trip inspections

Our diverse clientele tows everything from jet-skis to large boats, fuel drums to caravans, and more. We offer training facilities across Australia or can bring our programs to your site.

Contact us today to discuss your towing requirements and discover how we can assist you and your team in towing safely and confidently.

Also check out our Defensive Driving course – you are welcome to complete this program with your trailer attached!

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