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4WD Training

4WD Training is all about getting you off road safely!

A 4WD vehicle can take you to far away places or just across the muddy patch to your local job site.

Being able to safely operate a 4WD is something most people learn from experience (guessing some of the time!) or by watching others and often the techniques learnt are not the most efficient and sometimes are not safe.

In a workplace a 4WD can be very useful. Drivers who operate a 4WD must have adequate training so that they can complete job tasks without putting themselves, others or the vehicle at risk.

A PDA 4WD course will help you get the information and skills you need. Our friendly team will make sure you can get from A to B safely although we can’t promise that you will never get bogged again – that would be nice however!

Performance Driving Australia four 4WD training programs are safe, educational and fun.

4WD training will provide you with essential skills and knowledge to safely operate your vehicle in a range of environments off road.

If you work in the mining industry we offer specialised training for mine sites. You can find out more here.

Performance Driving Australia has many years of experience delivering programs to government departments, mining companies, agricultural and corporate groups across Australia and overseas.

Our experienced four wheel drive trainers will engage with your team to deliver real outcomes, maximising the learning experience while maintaining a safe and friendly learning environment.

Performance Driving Australia 4wd programs are suitable for new or experienced drivers and all four wheel drive vehicles.

Recovery is included in all programs and we also offer recovery training as a separate program.

Getting from A to B safely over a variety of terrain can be challenging.

4WD Training will help you understand the features and limitations of your vehicle.

Key areas covered in PDA 4WD Training include –

4WD Vehicle characteristics

Operation of 4WD systems including gearing, differential locks

Electronic systems and how they assist including ABS, ESC, traction control, hill descent control etc

How to negotiate different terrain from rocks, ruts, mud, sand to snow and water crossings

When and how to track build to help negotiate difficult obstacles

Identifying recovery points and performing a safe recovery using a variety of equipment (can include winches, snatch straps, maxx tracks etc.)

Trip planning and safety equipment (Get some free tips here)

4wd creek crossing

Performance Driving Australia 4WD Training courses are industry recognised and can be delivered at our purpose built 4WD training facilities or on-site anywhere in Australia.

Four wheel drive training programs can be tailored to cover a range of operating environments from gravel, sand, rocks, mud to snow and ice. Courses are suited to drivers of all experience levels.

Experienced drivers will be able to sharpen their skills while inexperienced drivers will be provided with the correct and safe techniques to operate off road including recovery if required.

We can come to you! On Site training is available Australia wide.

Our friendly team of trainers ready to mobilise to your site and deliver 4WD training today!

PDA 4WD courses have been delivered to operators in the following industries/sectors –

  • Emergency Services / Ambulances
  • Forestry
  • Farming / Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Education
  • Manufacturers

Ambulance training

Industry Recognised Training

Often to access certain mine leases or projects, drivers are required to have completed a nationally accredited four wheel drive course.

Performance Driving Australia have the ability to provide these qualifications via our partnership with Competency and Compliance.

Participants can be assessed to industry standards and a statement of attainment can be issued by Competency and Compliance (RTO 41060).

Available units include –

RIIVEH201 Operate Light Vehicle

RIIVEH305 Operate and Maintain a 4WD Vehicle

PMASUP236 Operate Vehicles in the field

Training Venues and Content

Performance Driving Australia has purpose built 4WD training areas in each state. These facilities allow compact programs to be delivered close to major cities.

We also have access to many state forests for training purposes. These areas provide more ‘realistic’ conditions with many variables.

It is always best to speak to us about your preferred option when it comes to 4WD training venues for delivery.

On site training is often the best solution for remote operations. We have delivered 4WD training in just about every corner of the country and a fair bit of the middle too!

Recovery training is included with all 4WD Training and can include any equipment your team may have access too.

Effective training will help keep your team on the move even in tough terrain and help them get going again when the going gets a bit tough.

Workplace 4WD training is an essential safety requirement for any organisation that requires employees to drive off road.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

If you are a 4WD enthusiast we recommend joining a 4WD club – You can find a listing of them here.

Prado 4wd

Safe 4WD Recovery with a Snatch Strap
Snow driving in a 4WD with Performance Driving Australia