VIP Valet Parking Course

Discover the rapidly expanding and dynamic world of valet parking—a customer service industry that is continually evolving.

Ensuring a professional, safe, and efficient service is crucial for creating a positive and lasting experience for your customers.

In the realm of valet services, staff must possess a diverse set of experiences and skills to navigate the challenges of a dynamic environment with numerous variables.

Elevate your valet team’s capabilities with our VIP Valet Parking course, meticulously crafted to impart key tips and skills that distinguish a good team member from an excellent one.

Our flexible training options allow the VIP Valet Parking program to be delivered at your venue or one of the many locations across Australia.

The typical duration of the program is 4-6 hours, and we tailor the content to suit the specific needs of your workforce and environment.

VIP Valet Parking Content Includes:

  1. Introduction to Road Safety and Defensive Driving
  2. The Role of a Valet – Expectations
  3. Safety Around Vehicles in Valet Areas
  4. Managing Clients’ Needs and Requests
  5. Identifying and Recording Damage
  6. Hygiene and COVID Safe Practices
  7. Situational Awareness Before Moving Off
  8. Vehicle Systems – Starting/Stopping/Transmissions/Park Brakes/Technology
  9. Vehicle Limitations – Height, Width, and Other Considerations
  10. Exercise 1 – A to B Drill – Collection to Parking and Then Retrieval
  11. Exercise 2 – Advanced Parking – Forward, Reverse, Parallel Forward and Reverse, Angle Forward and Reverse
  12. Exercise 3 – Parking Collision Avoidance – Emergency Braking Forward, Reverse, and Lane Change

Empower yourself and your team with the knowledge and skills gained from our experienced and friendly trainers. Whether you prefer on-site training or at one of our venues, the VIP Valet Parking program is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Contact us today to explore how this training can benefit you and enhance the excellence of your valet team.

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