Autonomous Driving Technology

Researchers forecast that by 2025 we’ll see approximately 8 million autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles on the road

A self-driving car, also known as an autonomous vehicle, driver-less car, or robo-car, is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and moving safely with little or no human input.

The challenges that these vehicles face go well beyond the available technology.

Driving is one of the most complicated tasks we (humans) do on a regular basis. We rely on our senses, experience and understanding of other human drivers to make decisions about how we drive.

Technology is moving forward rapidly and we believe that its not if but when we see autonomous cars taking to at least our CBD roads here in Australia.

A critical part of any new vehicle technology is testing. This is where Performance Driving Australia can assist.

Performance Driving Australia has had involvement with manufacturers testing vehicle equipment and technology in the past and is actively looking for opportunities to work with clients in this sector.

Performance Driving Australia can provide a range of services including but not limited to –

Test Drivers – For on-road or venue based vehicle testing we have over 30 drivers avaialble. These drivers are highly skilled in vehicle handling and dynamics and can observe and/or control a vehicle in extreme scenarios that may be required for testing.

Venues – We have access to some of the best driving facilities in Australia. We can assist with hiring facilities as we have existing hire agreements. We also have worked with authorities and can manage road closures etc.

Logistics – Bringing teams together, vehicles and equipment to one place and managing events. We have experience with large scale corporate events and can handle everything from morning tea to Covid19 compliance. Our clients have included Ford Australia, Michelin and Top Gear.

Our experience with driving, events, motorsport and engineering will provide you with a valuable and cost effective solution when looking to test or evaluate systems or technology.

We are ready to assist you today with your project no matter how big or small.

Please contact us for a friendly chat and find out how we can assist you.