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4WD Training Melbourne

If you operate a four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle for work it is essential you are provided with training in the operation and safe recovery of the vehicle in a variety of different driving environments. Performance Driving Australia programs are safe, fun and will provide you with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to operate safely off road.

4WD Training is one of the most popular programs we deliver and is available at a number of venues near Melbourne and in rural Victoria.

Training is suitable for government departments, agricultural businesses, mining and service industries that operate off road.

4WD Training in Melbourne can be held at –

Calder Park Raceway – Purpose built facility

Sandown Raceway – Purpose built facility

4WD Proving Ground – Werribee

4WD driver training programs are usually provided to groups of 4 – 20 drivers at a time.

Programs include a variety of four wheel drive content. Content includes everything you need to know to get off road safely. Prestart checks, trip planning, 4wd systems and vehicle operations over a wide variety of terrain are all part of a Performance Driving Australia 4WD course.

4WD Training can also include recovery techniques and equipment. The use of snatch straps, winches and maxx tracks are covered during most programs.

Our team of trainers are friendly, professional and work hard to make sure you gain the most from the experience. Safety is a major factor during all training exercises.

If you operate a vehicle off road for work then a 4WD course is ideal to refresh skills or learn some new ones.

If you operate a 4WD vehicle for work or for fun get in touch with Performance Driving Australia to see how we can make your trips more enjoyable and safe!

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