Country Driving Program

Driving in regional and rural areas presents different challenges to urban/city driving. Performance Driving Australia deliver country driving programs to assist drivers operating in rural areas of Australia.

The Performance Driving Australia Defensive Driving course is recommended for drivers who do a mix of country and city driving. This course covers 90% of the basic skills and knowledge you require to drive in a city or rural area and is a great starting point for any driver.

This program can be further tailored to meet with your specific requirements or a completely custom program can be designed for your drivers.

Country Driving Programs can include a variety of content depending on the clients requirements, vehicles and working environment.

The Country Driving Program can include theory and/or practical training in the following –

Driving on loose/unsealed roads

High speed driving on country roads

4WD operations

Identifying and avoiding hazards including animals, pot holes, debris on the road etc.

Use of lights for night driving

Managing trips and fatigue

Vehicle preparation for long distance driving

Basic mechanical repairs and maintenance

Country Driving etiquette

Trailer Towing

Each program is created with the client so that participants gain the required skills and knowledge to drive safely in remote or rural areas.

Contact us or call us today to find out how we can assist you with your country driving requirements.