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Defensive Driver Training

Driving on the road is one of the most dangerous things you do on a daily basis. There are hazards caused by other drivers, road conditions or weather.

Many drivers take unnecessary risks because they think ‘it won’t happen to me’.

A Performance Driving Australia Defensive Driver Training program will highlight the many risks associated with driving and provide you with useful knowledge, skills and strategies to avoid incidents and crashes – potentially saving your life.

Very few drivers are actually ‘tested’ or provided with training in managing hazards or driving defensively. A lack of experience in these environments can lead to over confidence and drivers who are unaware of the risks associated with driving.

Performance Driving Australia programs include extensive theory components, practical training, low-risk on road driving strategies and more.

The Defensive Driver Training program is the first stage for any driver wanting to gain knowledge and skills to become a better driver.

Employers are required by law to demonstrate that adequate training and a safe work environment has been provided for employees. A Defensive Driver training course will not only assist with compliance but also create safer drivers with a more responsible attitude towards driving.

We welcome your questions and look forward to seeing you at one of our programs soon!

Performance Driving Australia defensive driving programs are educational, safe and fun. Defensive Driver training is delivered by our team of professional and qualified instructors in a safe and friendly learning environment.

Our clients include government departments, large corporations, mining companies and small businesses who all want to make a positive contribution towards creating safer drivers.

Defensive driver training programs provide comprehensive theory and practical components that enhance the knowledge, skills and confidence of every driver.

Theory is presented in a format that encourages the group to interact with the trainer and each other, sharing experiences and stories. This engages participants and is our preferred technique over traditional PowerPoint style class room sessions.

Most learners fear classroom environments so we have found a way to make the theory more interesting, relevant and fun.

Practical training is delivered in safe and controlled environments that encourage drivers to explore how they and their vehicle will respond in a variety of emergency situations. Emergency braking is a key element of these activities.

Drivers will experience first hand the effects of speed, reaction time and response of a vehicle when faced with an emergency.

Every driver that completes a Defensive Driving program will be able to safely stop their vehicle in the shortest distance possible.

Risk taking is often a result of poor knowledge and/or a lack of understanding. Drivers with little or no formal training will often demonstrate bad habits like using mobile devices, tail gating, speeding or overtaking unnecessarily.

This program will give your drivers the chance to develop real life experiences so they can make better decisions.

Defensive Driving Program (sample)

Theory session

The theory session is delivered in a format that encourages engagement from all participants. Contact us to discuss the option of having the theory delivered online prior to the course.

A written assessment is completed during the theory session.

  • Task Planning and Preparation

  • Driver attitude and Behaviour

  • Vehicle systems

  • Road and Site rules

  • Risk Identification and Management

  • Vehicle checks and safety

  • Low Risk Driving Techniques

  • Advanced Driving Techniques

  • Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Crashes

  • Operational considerations

  • Tyre changing

Outside activities

 Vehicle Inspection – Drivers are shown how to complete a vehicle inspection to check for serviceability and safety.

Practical session

  • Exercises are designed to encourage safe driving by demonstrating the effect of speed when negotiating an emergency and the importance of correct car control techniques.

  • Components are flexible and are adjusted to meet drivers’ experience levels and vehicle types and includes discussion on all modern safety systems including ABS, ESC and active driving aids.

  • Emergency braking in a straight line conducted at various speeds

  • Collision avoidance at various speeds

All training participants receive a certificate of completion electronically.

Defensive Driver Training will encourage your drivers to me more alert, aware and reduce risk taking behaviours.

Did you know – over 3000 drivers have been killed in Australia in company/work cars in the last 10 years

Defensive driver training programs are delivered at our purpose built facilities Australia wide by experienced, qualified and friendly driver trainers.

Our driver trainers are passionate about driving and road safety and will work closely with each participant to make sure they gain the most from the driver training experience. You can read more about our team here.

Performance Driving Australia delivers real, tangible outcomes that create safer, more knowledgeable drivers.

If you or your team are on the road for work and looking to gain additional knowledge and experience the Performance Driving Australia Defensive Driver Training program is the perfect choice.

Programs can be delivered to suit a wide range of vehicles, environments and can include driving on gravel roads if required.

Our defensive driver training programs can include the following qualifications (RTO Competency and Compliance #41060)

  • RIIVEH201 – Operate Light Vehicle

The Performance Driving Australia – Defensive Driving program will provide you with extensive knowledge in a friendly classroom environment followed by practical training in handling an emergency stop and hazard avoidance, all in a safe and controlled environment.

Performance Driving Australia Defensive Driving Courses help fulfil employers requirements outlined in WHS regulations for companies who have employees on the road.

Attending a Defensive Driver Training Course could save your life – Contact us today!

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