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On Road – Low Risk Driving

Performance Driving Australia can help you become a safer driver by attending one of our On-Road Low Risk Driving programs.

By training on road, we can help you develop and apply low risk driving techniques. These programs can be further tailored to include tactical driving, off road operations including gravel driving or towing.

Defensive Driver Training programs allow you to practice emergency braking and hazard avoidance in a safe and controlled environment.

Both venue based Defensive Driver Training and On Road Low Risk driving programs are effective. Ultimately drivers should consider doing both driving programs to maximise the knowledge and skills to manage the vehicle in a wide variety of situations.

A range of Low Risk Driving programs are available that can include –

  • Driver Assessments – Pre-employment or routine checks
  • Driver Coaching / Training – Providing tips and coaching on road
  • High Risk Operations – Assisting drivers working in high risk environments
  • Gravel Driving
  • 4WD Operations
  • Towing

On Road – Low Risk Driving Program

Standard on road training programs are delivered in 3 components –

  • Observation – Driver is observed driving in a normal working environment in their vehicle.
  • Coaching – Trainer provides coaching to assist the driver in applying defensive driving techniques. Often this includes performing an emergency stop.
  • Assessment – The driver is assessed against our set standards for corporate drivers and the assessment is provided to the employer or supervisor for review.

Recommended duration 30-90 minutes per driver.

On completion of these programs you should be able to apply safe driving techniques in a variety of scenarios.

On road training is suitable for all drivers and any vehicle.

Our Defensive Driving course is a great way to provide these drivers with further training and knowledge and often organisations combine these two components to provide the best overall training solution.

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