Defensive Driver Training / 4WD Training – Symmons Plains Raceway, Tasmania

Experience the engaging and secure Defensive Driving and 4WD Programs by Performance Driving Australia!

Our programs span across Australia and are conducted by our team of knowledgeable and friendly trainers.

Trusted by numerous Government Departments, Corporate Organisations, and Mining/Industry professionals who rely on vehicles for their daily tasks, our programs ensure a blend of education, safety, and enjoyment.We look forward to seeing you at Buckby Motors Symmons Plains Raceway!

Start and Finish

Unless otherwise instructed – Start time is 9am – please arrive by 8.45am so you have time to check in

Finish time is usually between 3.30pm and 4.30pm

Address –

Symmons Plains Raceway

14872 Midland Highway, Perth TAS 7300

For a Google Map click here.

On arrival please enter via the main gate and follow the sealed road around to the left and downhill.

You will pass another gate and then see a 2 story building on your right.

This is the training room and meeting point. Please park in the area between the pit garages and the 2 story building (Telstra Builidng).

What to expect –

    • Your driver training program will be delivered by one of the friendly PDA trainers.

    • Theory is typically delivered to your group in the morning session (if you have not done it online).

    • Practical training is held either on the track or 4WD area. Both areas are free of obstacles and provide a safe environment to practice car control and emergency braking.

    • Extensive briefings will be provided before each exercise and you will be encouraged to ask questions.

    • At no time are participants asked to do anything they are not comfortable with. Speeds can be adjusted or the instructor may provide additional coaching for drivers who require it.

Vehicle Checklist

    • Make sure your vehicle is safe and clean

    • Have at least 1/2 a tank of fuel on arrival

    • Tyres must be road worthy and suggested pressures are – Small vehicles 34psi / Larger Sedans 36psi / 4WD’s 40psi.

    • No loose items in the vehicle

    • Any tool boxes or items in the rear tray of utes should be removed or tied down

Things to bring

    • Wear suitable clothing – there is limited protection from the sun, rain, hail or snow so dress accordingly

    • Wear suitable footwear – precise driving requires drivers to be able to ‘feel’ the pedals not just push them. Wear something suitable on the day.

    • Bring food/water – we do supply tea/coffee and some snacks but always a good idea to have your own supplies and lunch also

    • Bring your USI number if you are doing an accredited course AND your drivers licence of course. If you don’t have a USI you can get one here

Other Stuff

    • If you have any questions give the office a call on 1300849114

    • More information on our Defensive Driving Programs can also be found here

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